Stream shipping of some cuties.

And also a Nath doodle.

Absolutely totally not uncomfortable, nope !
Is it me or she looks Sombra corrupted on the 2nd pic x)

Thanks a lot SC <3


I’ve watched “Lords of War, episode 3”. I’m just so happy about this chapter on Frostwolves, they’re are quite similar to a lost race from Griffus I haven’t yet introduced, without saying that the artistic work in those videos is tremendous :D

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"aHAHAHAHA YEAH err I’m part bat pony on my Uh MY mother’s…brothers..cousin’s sideOH MY HEAVENS LOOK AT THE TIME I GOTTA RUN”

So how am I doing?


Featuring AskSweetCream’s namesake OC and nightvanguard’s Nathariel asdfads although there’s many more names recently that I’ve been flattered as the dickens to see so thank youuuuuu

Yep! When they’re bored those two go on changeling hunts ! .___.

Too many people calling me senpai recently, what the hell is going on !?
Also it’s like I’m such a dork not asking questions that people features Nath in SweetCream’s ones huhu

Thanks a lot Kat ! :D


Asksweetcream said: Iloveyourhoofses.

Nibblette: they are really good for poking things and tiddly winks.

((Thank you for your ask sempai~-30~<3 this also features nath of the nightvanguard proudly showing off the bows she had no idea about))

Nath : NibbzzyyyyyYYYYYY !!!

Changeling Defiler (reworked)

Some will recognize this beast from a previous post about changelings. For those who don’t know what this monster is feel free to check this post:

Wild Card
" Before we start, let me tell you this&#160;: the bounty you&#8217;re after has already cost more life than it&#8217;s worth, stranger. "
I like his new look :DHappy (belated) Birthday WildButt&#160;!

Wild Card

" Before we start, let me tell you this : the bounty you’re after has already cost more life than it’s worth, stranger. "

I like his new look :D
Happy (belated) Birthday WildButt !


This is far too amusing to play around with. Atjour Cervix the Gynecologist, an alternative universe Atjour.

For different reasons I think Atjour Cervix would be much more in peace with herself. But still a bit of a troll. And with her work being mare focused I guess most stallions go free in this universe. But she has always been more gentle with mares, no permanent mental scarring or anything.

This is fun to play with. Even the cutiemark was fun to draw.

Cameos of Sweet Scream, Nathariel and Arrowhead with Sunwise.