This is far too amusing to play around with. Atjour Cervix the Gynecologist, an alternative universe Atjour.

For different reasons I think Atjour Cervix would be much more in peace with herself. But still a bit of a troll. And with her work being mare focused I guess most stallions go free in this universe. But she has always been more gentle with mares, no permanent mental scarring or anything.

This is fun to play with. Even the cutiemark was fun to draw.

Cameos of Sweet Scream, Nathariel and Arrowhead with Sunwise.

[ AghAgaGAggh…Ggghnnn… omahgad all the yes ! … gnnn*dead* ]

[ AghAgaGAggh…Ggghnnn… omahgad all the yes ! … gnnn*dead* ]

FluffleDrake Nath
"Stickfight ! … it’s a dragon thing, don’t bother…"

Well yep, my entry for the Fluffledragon meme running on tumblrpon at the moment.
I was painting it when I got the bad news. I wish you the best for what you want to do next Grey ~ 

Lilly rework

Featuring Vintage :3

(little reblog since I posted quite late)

" I know he’s a good person, and a good teacher, but last night with his mask I suddenly felt uncomfortable "

Reworked Fudge’s gear a little, also pose practice ~ 


Featuring: GadgetSteelMare, OfficerMeanstreak, Zephyr Wing, Enfield, Broadsword, Naked Steel and Nahariel

((Excuse the shoddy quality.  I rushed this. Keep these great questions coming.))

How could I forgot to reblog that ._. …

Nath: ” I totally did that … ” *shuffles out of screen*



"Puny mortal …"

Bby anon, was good not knowing you °3°

Totally !

"Puny mortal …"

Bby anon, was good not knowing you °3°


Royal guards rework concepts, I’ll probably reblog update it with colors later.

With colors ~